Additional Observations Programs Izaña Station

Continuous in-situ trace gas measurements:

  • CO2: NDIR (Non-dispersive IR)

  • N2O, CH4, SF6: gas chromatography (FID and ECD)

  • O3: UV-Absorption

  • CO : Absorption NDIR (Non-dispersive IR)

  • NO and NO2: Chimioluminiscence

  • SO2 : UV Fluorescence

  • Networks: GAW, Global CO2 (NOAA) and Global CH4 (NOAA).

ECC sondes:

  • Weekly (Wednesdays) launches at Santa Cruz ( 30 km southeast of Izana)

  • Technique: Electrochemical ECC

  • Networks: GAW and NDACC

CO2 remote sensing measurements:

  • Technique: Sunphotometer (new Cimel development)

  • Networks: OCO

Remote sensing of other trace gases:

  • Total column O3: Brewer

  • Vertical ozone profiles: Brewer Umkehr technique

  • Total Column NO2, BrO, OClO: with DOAS

  • Zenith Column Amounts of O3, H2O, N2O, CH4, CO, OCS, HF, HNO3, NO, NO2, ClONO2, and HCl with FTIR

  • Networks: GAW and NDACC

Aerosol in-situ measurements:

  • Number concentrations of particles coarser than 3 nanometers (UCPC 3025A, TSI),
  • Number concentrations of particles coarser than 10 nanometers (UCPC 3010, TSI)

  • Number size distribution of particles 0.5-20µm aerodynamic diameter (APS 3321, TSI)

  • Mass concentrations of black carbon less than 10µm (MAAP, Thermo),

  • Sampling of PM10 and PM2.5 on filter: gravimetric levels and chemical composition of major(sulphate, nitrate, ammonium, Na, Cl, mineral dust and total carbon) and trace elements (Al, Fe, Ca, K, Mn, Mg, Na, Cl, V, Ni, Cr, P, Li, Be, Sc, Ti, V , Cr, Co, Cu, Zn, Ga, Ge, As, Se, Rb, Sr, Y , Zr, Nb, Cd, Sn, Cs, Ba, La, Ce, Pr).
  • Scattering coefficient (3-wavelengths Integrating nephelometre, TSI),

  • Number size distribution in a standard (10-800nm) or nano (3-150nm) DMA (with exchangeable columns)
  • Organic carbon and black carbon in the PM10 and PM2.5 filters

Total column and vertical aerosol profiles:

  • Vertical aerosol profile with a Micropulse Lidar (MPLNet) from INTA. The lidar is operated in our head-quarters at Santa Cruz de Tenerife (52 m a.s.l.)

  • Aerosol Optical Depth and total column size distribution with Cimel sun-photometers at both Izaña and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (both in Aeronet and Photons networks).
  • Aerosol optical depth with a WRC/PFR (GAW-WRC) at Izaña

  • UV Aerosol optical depth with a WRC/UV-PFR (GAW-WRC) at Izaña


  • Global, diffuse and direct radiation
  • PAR (Photosyntetic Active radiation)
  • IR
  • UV (global and spectral) with Brewer (290-360 nm; 1 nm step)
  • Direct (280-900 nm; FWHM 5nm) and global radiation (280-600 nm; FWHM 2 nm) with a CCD spectrometer.

Meteorological Observations:

  • PTU sondes (twice daily 15 km south of Izana)

  • Three automated meteorological stations at Izana (pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, insolation, precipitation, ground temperature (+5cm, -5cm, -10cm, -50cm, -100cm)
  • Visibility (by observers)

  • Present weather (automatic optical method)

  • Lightning detector

  • Atmospheric electric field

Water vapour:


  • Cimel sunphotometer


  • FTIR

Pollens and Fungi Spores:

  • Weekly samples (1 day resolution)