Location of the Izaña station (IZA) on a global map of all BSRN stations (http://bsrn.awi.de).
Views of Izaña radiation station.

Izaña Atmospheric Research Center – Meteorological State Agency of Spain
Project: Baseline Surface Radiation Network
Establishment Date BSRN: March, 2009
Latitude: 28º 18′ 32.34″ North
Longitude: 16º 29′ 57.78″ West
Elevation above MSL: 2400 m.a.s.l
Local Time from GMT: GMT + 0
Location: Tenerife, Spain.
Campaign: WRCP/GEWEX
Device: Monitoring station
Comment: BSRN station Nº 61
Surface type: rock
Topography type: mountain top, rural
Station manager: Carlos J. Torres


IZA is located on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain, at 28.3ºN, 16.5º’W, 2373 m a.s.l). The observatory is a high-mountain station above a quasi-permanent strong temperature inversion layer that prevents the arrival of local pollution from lower levels of the island. This meteorological feature favors measurements under free troposphere conditions. IZA registers the highest average annual insolation duration of Spain with about 3473 h of sunshine per year and an average of 179.5 days per year of clear days in the climate period (1981–2010).